Book 2: Chapter 1a: Misiones, Argentina


ARGENTINA. Why not? That´s right. The one and only. It´s not a dream. Here is where it´s starts. It´s not fake news. Yes, Argentina! “What an introduction, my mind is blown!” You are damn right kiddo. This second “blog book” is released with it´s very first, premiere-style chapter 1a: Misiones. Chapter 1b will be about […]

My Blogging

My vision on my blog!

Who would have thought that Vincent and writing would be a perfect match? Tinder would not even be capable of creating that match! Welcome to a new era of writing. From many compliments from close friends and worldwide fans (´´it´s true, I know them personally,´´ as Trump would say), I decided to enhance my writing. […]

Book 1: Chapter 7: Studies are over! But my last blog as well? Book 1: The Exchange #IBSA19

Studies are over! But my last blog as well? 02.06-…?

Today is June 2nd, 2019. I am starting to write the very last blog regarding my time at La Sabana. *sad music playing* Anyway, this last chapter of book 1 (yes there are more ‘blog books’ yet to come in this series of 3 books in total), will cover the last month of uni along […]

Book 1: Chapter 6: Dutchies, Mojitos and Tomato Red Book 1: The Exchange #IBSA19

Dutchies, Mojitos and Tomato Red (25.03-26.04)

So quite a long time ago, I wrote my fourth blog. Therefore, I thought it would be time to write another one! Lots of great and fun stuff happened this last month and many Dutchies have visited Bogotá (and me)! Moreover, this month was the second last one of my semester here in Colombia. Again, […]

Book 1: Chapter 5: #UltimateMonoExperience Book 1: The Exchange #IBSA19

#UltimateMonoExperience (25.02-24.03)

Valeeeeeee, episode nummero cuatro! The title is dedicated to the loco actividades that keep on happening (mono = gringo who is not from the US basically). Because, if your bag with all kinds of important stuff has been stolen, why not your phone as well? And I got to meet more locals which comes with […]