Book 1: Chapter 4: ´´Entonces´´ Book 1: The Exchange #IBSA19

Entonces… (04.02-24.02)

Yeah, okay sorry. This time I will be writing about 3 weeks of my time here, instead of two. Seriously, this uni gives you a shit ton of homework (sorry La Sabana, you still have a better campus than THUAS tho). However, I try to be more creative with this one! Be Dutch and plan […]

Book 1: Chapter 3: The first two weeks at school Book 1: The Exchange #IBSA19

The first two weeks at school (20.01-03.02)

‘’Whaaat? His second blog story already?! Time flies, hold my beer!’’ Es verdad, time flies indeed! But first, before I start my story telling, let me take the opportunity to dedicate this episode to Luis Rivero, who loved my first blog but was very disappointed to be not featured in it. Luis is an exchange […]

Book 1: Chapter 2: It is happening Book 1: The Exchange #IBSA19

It is happening (08.01-20.01)

Grab a drink, don’t forget a bag of crisps or that last chocolate bar you have left. This is gonna be quite a long sit. But I promise, it will be worth it. If not, I’ll buy you a beer once I am back. If you have any questions regarding my trip, contact me on […]

Book 1: Chapter 1: Counting down... Book 1: The Exchange #IBSA19

Counting down…

What started with a long 2.5 years, turned into the opportunity to experience the culture (shock) of Colombia and its beautiful nature, people and business opportunities it all has to offer. Besides, I can make my promise come true!