Book 2: Chapter 2: Montevideo, Uruguay Book 2: The Journey


MONTEVIDEO. This is gonna be short. An unfortunate disappointment. Let me explain you why.

In my semester before my exchange in 2018, I followed the minor ‘Business in Latin America.’ we got to learn about how to do business, the cultural differences and so on. Every Friday, someone from the embassy or institution of a LatAm country held a presentation about the country. After 3 times we figured out that it was just a sales pitch, as all stories were the same: great in Agri culture, #1 in avocadoes, upcoming markets in this and that (with the always-coming-back-graphics on GDP and market growth). So those stories got boring, but the cultural part of a country not.

Anyway, when Uruguay came to present, I thought, here we go again. Fortunately, I was surprised. I perceived it to be an amazing country, that was most advanced in technology, safest capital and so on. Besides of having around 3.5 million inhabitant, there are like around 10 million cows. It couldn’t get any better, I mean cows. Those are awesome animals! I like cows, they can be so clumsy, and milk for the win!

With this in mind, you could think right now: wow, shit, damn, mind blown, this capital must be like, so European. Well guess what, when I was there, it was the most boring city of Latin America (I perceived as being a tourist). I realize now again how direct and blunt I am, sorry I am Dutch. I probably went in the wrong season (winter).

There are some awesome highlights of this city tho, don’t hate me. Pls. Number one: perros calientes o penchos.

There is this amazing hot dog place. And guess what, the hot dogs where amazing. Expensive, but amazing. As Dutchie you are always aware of any price, we are kind a tight fisted or called greedy. I mean, that’s the reason why we have the saying ‘to go dutch.’

Highlight number two was Uruguayan football. We went to a local bar to watch the game against Chile (not sure if it was Chile haha). Football is so important for the Uruguayan culture, and that is what we wanted to see. We came, we saw, and ate this typical Uruguayan sandwich i forgot the name of. Sorry, again.

NĂºmero 3. Harry. I met Harry in my hostel. He is 58 years old, sold everything and went off to travel the world. Seriously awesome guy! I have much respect. Selling everything to travel for some years isn’t something one does every day.

That was it, off to Chile! Here some pictures!

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