Book 2: Chapter 3: Chile Book 2: The Journey


SANTIAGO DE CHILE. Country nummero 4. After Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, it’s chile’s turn! Why Chile, Don Vicente? Es una pregunta sencilla! I have more friends over here from New Zealand, and also a mate from my studies. But first, my friends I got to know in my hostel.

Melissa is a Mexican doing here internship in Santiago. But not just an internship. She studies science art (or something) so she makes art from bacteria and little things. No, I know what you are thinking. She does not use these little things for her art, hahaha. No she paints what she sees in the microscope. Never heard of that kind of art, quite cool!

Then we have Óscar, mi amigo de Medellín! He Is a so called Misiones and travels the world to do his work. A Misiones is someone who act in the name of God. Oh no, you are thinking, another stupid boring story about God. No worries, we got along really well, and even though I am not (that) religious, I do like discussions about it, and that is what we did as well. Besides, he couldn’t speak English, so this was a great opportunity to practice my Spanish as well!

Eva is my last “best friend at the time.” I like how, when traveling, you can be great friends for the time being, and when you separate, be gone and go your own way. Anyway, together we did the free walking tour and went up to the San Cristóbal, a Hill in the city. Aan it was end of the afternoon, we had a great view on the sunset and the biggest tower in Latin America: Costanera.

The evening was spent watching Chile – Bogotá. Eva and I walked 1.5 hour finding this place where to watch it. As we we’re pendejos, the place was actually only a 20 minute walk, mmmmmh…. Ouch, to see my country losing wasn’t great. The Chileans went loco, which was quite an entertainment!

EF friends

Finally, I got to meet my friends again! Ximena couldn’t wait, and now I am here. The immature and I went to a sushi bar and talked a lot! Damn was good to see her again! As well as Gracia, Trini and Gonzalo. We went out for pisco (a local spirit) and ended up at someone’s house party… por qué no?

Next up: Mats! Doing his exchange in Valparaíso


Jaaatoch niet dan?! Ff Mats bezoeken. I am nearby, so way not? I took the bus and when I arrived where Mats and two Belgium girls were chilling, drinking sangria. This setting, set the upcoming days: enjoying the beautiful weather and drinking a complementary beer or Caipirinha (Brazilian cocktail).

Vamooos Chile!

We had a great and relaxing time, mostly spent at ‘our’ restaurant with stunning views.

The Eclipse

But the most important happening of this trip, was the eclipse. Mats and I didn’t really took the eclipse that serious, until we found out, 15 minutes before it happened, that it was happening earlier than we thought, and it was a full eclipse, of which the next one is in 2135. ‘These Dutchies are so well prepared and organized for everything, every time!” Eehhm, I think Mats and I got hold on the Latin American culture a bit. 

We were looking for the moon all day long, but we couldn’t find it. But then it happened, it got darker and colder. What a CRAZY, and not possible to IMAGINE happening that the moon, which is so fucking close to earth in comparison to the sun, goes in front of it (sorry for strong language kids). We saw only like a round ball disappearing in front of the sun, but realizing that that is the moon. Muy loco. I can’t describe that feeling of realization.

I had an awesome time with Mats! We’ll do a beer in January my friends, with the winter sun at Xieje or Siezo! 

Last country very soon online: Peru!

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