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Category: Book 2: The Journey

  • Peru

    PERU. First of all, I am very sorry. My apologies for my trustful followers (which are the 6 most legendary persons on this blogging adventure. You know who you are). Anyway, sorry for let you wait so long on this closing chapter of book 2. I was travelling (yet again, life sucks hehe) with my […]

  • Chile

    SANTIAGO DE CHILE. Country nummero 4. After Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, it’s chile’s turn! Why Chile, Don Vicente? Es una pregunta sencilla! I have more friends over here from New Zealand, and also a mate from my studies. But first, my friends I got to know in my hostel. Melissa is a Mexican doing here internship in […]

  • Montevideo

    MONTEVIDEO. This is gonna be short. An unfortunate disappointment. Let me explain you why. In my semester before my exchange in 2018, I followed the minor ‘Business in Latin America.’ we got to learn about how to do business, the cultural differences and so on. Every Friday, someone from the embassy or institution of a […]

  • Buenos Aires

    BUENOS AIRES. I would like to start with pointing out I got a new favorite city in Latin America. I am sorry Bogotá, but you got still a lot to learn (like placing a metro system, for starters). This city is great! One of the best, in my opinion! Without any knowledge and being completely […]

  • Misiones

    ARGENTINA. Why not? That´s right. The one and only. It´s not a dream. Here is where it´s starts. It´s not fake news. Yes, Argentina! “What an introduction, my mind is blown!” You are damn right kiddo. This second “blog book” is released with it´s very first, premiere-style chapter 1a: Misiones. Chapter 1b will be about […]