South East Asia

South East Asia

Another post, yes! Well, another... It has been 3,5 years since the last one, haha. 

I was just reading through my old blogs from my LatAm trip, where I realised that I should make a running-up blog post for my upcoming trip to South East Asia (SEA for short).

You know what they say: the planning, preparing, researching and buying the right equipment is a whole journey itself! So let’s make a little timeline:

February 2022

Covid restrictions were lifted in The Netherlands and over the weeks, I started to catch the ‘wanderer feelings’ again. But not without hesitation is that I made the choice to travel again. My heart lies with the company I work at now. What we are doing is so important for me and the world in terms of climate change and fighting that crisis.

A wise man, my father (duh), gave me somewhere in 2021 some great advice: ”since you are still a free man and haven’t settled yet, make sure to do anything that you desire to do as a free man.” Long story short: I put myself on the first place and started working on the wanderer spirit.

So, where to go then? Honestly, I would love to go to Central America. Learning more Spanish, working/volunteering, indulge in the culture and nature. However, I felt if I wouldn’t go to SEA beforehand, the chances will be severely low to go there for a full-time journey. So, the choice was made.

And the planning began! Here a little overview.

February – September 2022

Reading about SEA travel guides, watching YouTube videos and meeting with friends and family who have been to the region is what I did on the journey. Do my own research on what I like to bring along. I would like to travel *as light as possible*. Meaning: no heavy clothings, as few devices as possible, multi-purpose clothings, tools and such.

I have traveled with a bigger backpack (65L) before, and I found that for the consisting weather temperatures of the SEA region, that bag is a bit overkill. I’m now looking at the Osprey Stratos 44 or perhaps the female version Osprey Sirrus 36. One can go all in minimalistic, but looking into the future, Central America with its colder heights and mountains, and bigger 44l would be better. As well when I would like to carry some extra gear in SEA.

Oh, I also got my last vaccination shot for the Hepatitis B, if I recall correctly?

''Insert old photo with big macpac on the left (can't find it still :')'' for now, here's a picture with a dog that accompanied us during the Salkantay Trek in Peru

January 2023

After a lot of reading, pinning on google maps, writing down tips and packing lists, reading on travel insurances, vaccins and budget planning the last months, we went with some of my housemates to the Ikea. We all needed some stuff and it’s quite the experience to go there once in a while (great (house) outing to do! especially the veggie hot dogs of €0,50 is a bargain!). I checked off my needed packing cubes. So far I have almost all the equipment, except backpack, toilet bag and power bank.

My equipement so far, with all my clothes in the two packing cubes!
My equipement so far, with literally all my travel clothes in the two packing cubes! Quite proud of that.

Now still missing the bag and a toilet bag. Probably getting these somewhere in January, as well as my flight ticket! Mmmh, I should also get some new glasses… The list doesn’t get shorter! :-)

more soon…

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