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My vision on my blog!

Who would have thought that Vincent and writing would be a perfect match? Tinder would not even be capable of creating that match!

Welcome to a new era of writing. From many compliments from close friends and worldwide fans (´´it´s true, I know them personally,´´ as Trump would say), I decided to enhance my writing. This time with smaller pictures, to transform this blog to a book written by a ´´fully-authorized-becoming-famous-a-person-you-want-a-signature-from-magician-with-words-but-still-a-student´´ author. Yes I know, that´s exactly what you thought. You see, you are a fan as well (personal interviews only on Fridays, if you pay the drinks😉). 

Anyway, down to business. With being head over heels with Latin America, I would like to share with you more about my time over here, as a International Business student from a little country called the Netherlands with it´s famous marijuana smoking capital. I would like to address more clearly and discuss the culture differences, like food and habits, but also the differences in Bogotá and the cities I will visit on my Latin American journey to visit my friends. 

A little history…

It is kind a fun. When I was in my second year of highschool (whatever grade that is, ´cause we don´t do grades in the Netherlands, we are too cool for that, sorry), I joined the high school´s newspaper, as I really liked writing. However, after that, this hidden talent and enthousiasism retreated back somewhere hidden in my body (sounds weird, I know. But this is my only way of describing it). I decided to write a blog for my time as exchange student at La Sabana (because I would like to read what I did in 5 years with my nostalgic feelings), which turned out pretty cool with lots of compliments. That is why I started to think of a ´second book:´´my Latin American trip to visit old friends. And with my creative mind my parents gave me (no sarcasm, love you mom and dad), I came up with the analog seasons and episodes they used back in the days: books and chapters. 

My mission with this blog

My mision is to provide you, the reader, a greater view of Latin America, as it is so underrated by ´´western countries´´ and rather seen as ´´dangerous´´ to travel to, which is not true. Of course, I had my incidents as ´´gringo´´ (for that check chapter 1: the exchange. But at the end it´s the state of mind that determines if those incidents, are making you miserable, or taking it as part of the adventure. I chose the second option. 

This would be important to know as well

One important factor for you to take into account is the fact that I write from my own perspective. I am a world citizen and have nothing but respect for all cultures all around the world. However, I learned in Bogotá that my Dutch directness and bluntness sometimes can be perceived a differently than I intent to. So, if I write about your country, language, or culture and it offends you in any way, please contact me so we could talk about it 😊 

At the time of writing this, I am driven off from the story I should write (as I was too excited of the idea of start officially blogging): my first chapter of book 2: the mision to see old friends again, in Argentina! This chapter is soon to come!

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